Our Story

Marché Bleuet was born in September of 2010 after Heather (That’s me!) and Dale (my business partner) took the initiative to start their own health food store after working in the industry together for over a decade.

Heather, born in Ontario, started her foray into natural foods at The Stone Store, which at the time was the largest health food store in the city of Guelph. This is also when Heather and Dale met as Dale worked at the Stone Store alongside her. This experience led her on a health food journey that eventually saw them both relocate to Montreal, solidifying positions at À Votre Santé, a popular health store in NDG, working there for almost seven years. Together they started planning their own Health food store in the neighborhood they loved and lived in.

It took over two years to cull together their own entrepreneurial goals, and with the help of YES Montreal, formed the seeds that turned into what is now Marché Bleuet, located in the center of the South-West of Montreal, right next to Atwater market.

“I’ve always wanted Marché Bleuet to be a unique natural health and supplement store. I love this location, I love our clients, and slowly but surely over the years I feel like we have grown into a local shop where regulars feel welcome and cared for. Now, we’re looking beyond our initial goals and currently planning ways to make our little Marché even more unique!”