Seriously PUMped on Urban Sprout Salads

What is a living salad, why do you call it that ?

Our salads are full of life indeed as they contain freshly harvested sprouts (less than 24h old). We call them living salads because they also contain germinated sprouts that keep growing until you eat them! So the food is technically still alive when the you eat it!

Who are the PUM people behind such great salads?

PUM was started by 4 friends who got tired of the stigmas, misconceptions and fear over such food and fresh produce in general. We always say "no extremism". We truly want to democratise natural food and stop preaching to the converted!

We believe in local ressources and global thinking, now it is just a matter of giving access to every people. Local goodness in general, global awareness in our hearts and minds.

What's the top selling salad?

I would say, all three salads have their own buyers. Maybe when the product line grows, we will have top sellers. Funnily enough, it seems to depend on the location of the store in Montreal.

Why raw sprouts, what's so special about sprouts?

Raw sprouts grows fast ! We call this the true fast food. In less than 7 days, you have a very rich, fresh natural food‎. We also try not to duplicate the knowledge that's available everywhere on the web mostly, so we encourage people to find the informations they are interested in from our ingredients list.‎ We think too much explanation might scare some people. We don't want to justify ourselves and we don't want people to think we offer a "solution". The product is not a solution, the people are.

Growing sprouts is also truly the most efficient way to eat, compared to growing seeds to harvest mature plants in order to feed animal in order to feed ourselves.‎ Now you still need some nice fruits and legumes, eventually some good honest meat, but that's not our thing ! 

Anything else I should know about your salad?

The key to really enjoy the salads is to ‎eat it slow, chew for a while and drink water !  Some people have belly aches the first time they eat a salad, that is partly because if you don't chew properly, your stomach will have more work to do! Use you teeth!