Two Great Superfoods

#1 Wheatgrass Juice

One of the world’s most coveted health tonics known since egyptian times. This juice taken by the ounce offers so many minerals it can make your head spin. Containing 70% chlorophyll to alkalize your system with vitamins A, B's, C, and E to get you through those long work days, Wheatgrass is a juice not to be taken in large quantities.  It takes a lot of time and care to prepare a single ounce of juice, so love it all up when you do finally get the chance.

#2: Cacao

It comes in many forms: nibs, oil, beans, paste, powder, and our favorite chocolate bars and it's one of the most revered foods planet wide for it's antioxidant properties.  We all know that chocolate not only tastes good, it feels good thanks to its amino acid profile containing:  Anandamide and, Phenylethylamine (PEA).   

So, get to know cacao a bit more when you read this amazing article.