Magnesium Butter! Say goodbye to that Pain in the Neck.

Are you looking for Relief?

Relief from that pain in the neck, a restless leg in the night, or an out-of-nowhere twisted knee?

Sometimes it’s a little lower back crank that is keeping you up at night and laying down all day.

Unfortunately dear readers, pain is a part of life.

Fortunately dear sufferers, we have an answer.


Magnesium Butter Rub!

It’s where the sea meets the sky and where fire meets the rain.

Save your dollars and make it yourself. Set yourself pain free.

So let’s begin making this butter of bliss

This recipe will make two 150ml containers.


  • 1/2 cup Cacao Butter

  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil

  • 2 tablespoons Castor Oil

  • 60ml Magnesium oil (See below for details)

  • 30 drops Peppermint essential oil.


  • A double boiler (This can be a metal bowl that sits in a steamer basket over a pot with a few inches of water in it).

  • Electric egg beaters (the old fashioned hand cranked kind will work as well)

  • Rubber spatula, a glass measuring cup, some spoons

  • Fancy containers/pots to hold your final product


Ingredients: Here are our top picks.


Magnesium Oil:

Add 2 tablespoons of magnesium flakes into 2 tablespoons of boiled filtered water.

Stir until the flakes dissolve, and set aside.

This will make the 60ml you need for this recipe.

We use: Kinomai magnesium crystals from St. Francis. Delux magnesium chloride crystals will work. Regular epsom salts are not a replacement.



Bring your pot of water to boil, then reduce the temperature and set your mixing bowl inside the steamer basket.

Add the cacao butter and coconut oil and melt until liquid. Then, turn off your burner, and move your mixing bowl to a heat-safe surface.

We use: Giddy Yoyo Cacao Butter. It’s really the best in Canada, unrefined and certified organic.


Lets Blend:

Blend the melted oil/butter until frothy for 1 minute.

Place your bowl in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to let it firm up. Take it out and then blend it some more.

Repeat this process a few times. When the mixture begins reaching an opaque consistency, now is the time to blend in your castor oil and magnesium oil.

Return to freezer, and repeat mixing process until you have a thick and buttery like texture.



Lastly, stir in the Peppermint essential oil and mix well. Now it’s ready to be packaged!

Divine Essence Peppermint is best. It’s 100% pure, certified organic and it’s a local Quebec company.

And there you have it. Now you can use that butter as you like. In the cold weather it will be harder and softer in warmer weather. (You can store it in your fridge during the hottest summer months). With no preservatives, this product will have a shorter shelf life than anything you’d buy from the pharmacy, but should keep no problem for at least 8-10 months. Beware to avoid using it on sensitive areas, and avoid getting any in your eyes or any open cuts (with the magnesium salts in this butter, it will feel like putting salt on a wound). This butter makes an amazing cooling foot rub at the end of a long day, but careful not to slip on your silky soft feet!

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